What is Blue Mud Software?

Most software companies find the majority of their customers in either the public sector, or in a specific vertical market of the private sector like finance or manufacturing.
Most software companies focus on software development, software support, or consulting services.
Most software companies have "best practices" and a "methodology" to sell you.

Blue Mud Software isn't your typical software company. We provide end-to-end software-related services to the public sector. This includes:

  • COTS products
  • Software support services & helpdesk
  • Consulting services

So, what's so special about that?

What's different about Blue Mud Software is our philosophy.

Most software companies make the assumption that they know what's best for you, and this attitude permeates their interactions with you. We don't do that. Our approach involves three steps:

  • Familiarizing ourselves with the details of your operation, from the nuts and bolts of daily activities to your culture and the "stuff" you do that isn't necessarily written down anywhere.
  • Reaching a shared understanding of how you need your software to work.
  • Building & deploying software that does what you need it to do, even if it isn't a "best practice".


How did you come up with "Blue Mud" anyway?

Our name represents our philosophy. It's based on a quote from Robert Heinlein: "Whenever the locals rub blue mud in their navels, I rub blue mud in mine just as solemnly." (Lazarus Long, Time Enough For Love, pg 461).

What this means to us is that every organization has practices and needs that may appear strange to outsiders, but there's probably a very good reason that things are the way they are. We bring value to your organization by not wasting time trying to talk you out of your "blue mud". So, since we understand that your organization has it's own "blue mud", we hope that you will keep our Blue Mud in mind for that day when you need your software to do something unusual. Unusual is our specialty. When your ready for a little Blue Mud in your organization's navel, please feel free to Contact Us.